Interior Pocket Doors

Pocket doors offer a space-saving solution to connect spaces. We at Pane Free Glass are experts in pocket door installation. Whether you’re in need of pocket door installation, repair, or replacement services, you can rely on our team for the best services.

Pocket Door Installation Services

Pocket doors are great especially when the space available is limited. These doors slide into the wall. They have rollers that slide along tracks making them a safe and easy solution for connecting spaces. Their installation can be quite complicated especially when they are being installed into an existing wall.

At Pane Free Glass, you’ll gain access to an experienced and skilled team of certified professionals. We can deal with any complications that come with installing pocket doors. Our team has your back. We’ll guide you with the selection of pocket doors and ensure the best results in the installation. From installing new drywall and reframing the wall to ensuring the efficient functioning of your pocket doors, you can trust us for the finest craftsmanship.

Commercial door replacement and installation

Pane Free Glass is your number one Patio Door Replacement Contractor in Manchester, NH and we deliver on time.

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Pocket Door Repair Services

Whether your pocket door has fallen off its tracks, is squeaky, or is stuck, you can rely on the team at Pane Free Glass for an efficient and effective solution.

Repairing or replacing pocket doors can be tricky. It may involve the removal of trim and door jambs in order to access the tracks and other hardware. Our team of experts will ensure the job is done right. We not only use high-quality parts for the repair and replacement of pocket doors but will also ensure that when we’re done, it will look as if nothing happened.

Schedule a consultation with one of our Patio Door experts. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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