Patio Door

Patio Door

Your safety and security is our primary goal. It might be time to replace your old patio door if the hinges squeak and are rusted. The spring could be broken or loose and it might lead to a possible accident or injury. Pane Free Glass will design and build an attractive and safe door for your patio that will last for years.

You might think there wouldn’t be that many types of patio doors available, but at Pane Free Glass there are several different styles and options to choose from. Whether you need custom sliding doors or conventional doors, Pane Free Glass has the answers.

Give your patio a real upgrade by replacing your patio door with a door that offers…


Clean Look


modern glass shower installed in NH

Pane Free Glass is your number one Patio Door Replacement Contractor in Manchester, NH and we deliver on time.

modern glass shower installed in NH

A wide range of Patio Doors to choose from

Pane Free Glass has various patio door replacement options for you to choose from. Whether you need custom sliding doors or conventional doors, Pane Free Glass has the answers. Upgrade to a sliding patio door for a different look or even double french patio doors for style. A three or four panel sliding glass door creates a wide opening for plenty of sunlight. Interior pocket doors are another option that have been used for years. They slide into the walls or can remain outside too, so they conserve space and are very convenient.

Browse through our various Patio Door styles and find the perfect one…

Interior Pocket Doors

Our Patio Doors from Pane Free Glass are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Custom Designed Patio Door, made just for you

The patio door of your home is one of the busiest, so it makes sense to replace an old one with a custom built patio door from the professionals at Pane Free Glass. Stylish french door trim with matching handles are also available. There are some great choices of colors and styles of patio doors to choose from at Pane Free Glass in Manchester, NH.

Exterior double hinged french doors are a stylish choice for those who prefer a wide view of the outdoors. We take precise measurements to make sure every patio door is a perfect fit. Pane Free Glass is the best patio door contractor for any patio door replacement in New Hampshire.


We offer the most efficient Shower Door replacement

We also have the best and most efficient shower door replacement NH has to offer. Glass door replacement, NH style, is one of our specialties. So if the glass door of your new frameless shower is ever damaged or needs repair, we can do that too. It’s time to give your bathroom that modern look you’ve been dreaming of.

Your time at home is special and you’ve worked to earn a certain level of elegance in your life. Treat yourself and your family to a new frameless shower from the professionals at Pane Free Glass. We’ll make sure the process goes smoothly and you will be impressed with the results. Enjoy your new frameless shower from your friends at Pane Free Glass!


Enjoy Summer with the help of your friends at Pane Free Glass

The weather is getting nicer and as the winter winds down, you’ll be spending more time on your patio. Making sure you have a safe and functional patio door is important to ensure the safety of your family and friends as the weather gets warmer.

It will open up a world of possibilities for your summer fun. Get the grill ready because winter is over soon and you can look forward to a summer filled with outdoor fun, with the help of your friends at Pane Free Glass.

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