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We do windows! People don’t often realize the importance of properly installed windows in their home. You usually don’t think to check them for damage or wear and tear because you just figure, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A window doesn’t have to be broken in order to require repair or replacement. There could be cracks in the window frame that develop over time due to the elements and normal wear and tear. This weakens the structure and eventually air may begin to get through, draining energy and increasing costs. That can be remedied by installing brand new windows with the help of the professionals at Pane Free Glass. Our friendly Pane Free Glass installation team is ready to help you with all of your window replacement needs.

Upgrade your windows by replacing them with our windows that offer…

Extra Protection

Aesthetic Look

Maximum Efficiency

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Pane Free Glass is your number one windows specialist in Manchester, NH and we deliver on time.

modern glass shower installed in NH

We do windows, and we do them right

Whether you have vinyl or wooden window frames, we take precise measurements to ensure that each window fits snugly into the frame. With new windows, you can reduce the amount of heat necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Our replacement windows are air tight and keep the warm air inside to help you save money during the expensive winter months. They look great and also add value to your home. Check your windows to see if they need repair, then call Pane Free Glass today to schedule your appointment for your new replacement windows.

Your new windows will create a big difference by…

Saving on Energy

Proper Insulation

illusion of Space

Windows from Pane Free Glass are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Window replacement will save you energy

With the cost of oil at an all time high, making sure your windows are air tight just makes sense. Replacement windows by the experts at Pane Free Glass will help you conserve energy during the cold winter months, keeping your home cozy and well insulated. In the warmer months when you have the air conditioner running, you will also save energy and money with Pane Free Glass window installation. No more worries about that loose window frame or air finding its way through. You’ll be surprised at how much energy you actually save by having secure window frames. Our windows are also easy to open and close, which is refreshing after all those times you’ve struggled to open and close your old windows.


Now is the time to call Pane Free Glass and have your windows replaced, so you can always keep your home safe and energy efficient.

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